At Proto we are specialists in the habitat-tech: lighting, furniture, flooring, home automation, etc. Through our close relationship with the architects, designers and project designers of the brands for which we work, the value of their proposals increases through the implementation of strategic and creative concepts.

We interact in the places that make up our life, composed of constructive and technological elements where users and creators coincide.

The brands, their products and their fans - the tribe - maintain a very close and inseparable relationship, which is why the strategies to be developed in the three universes must be coordinated, thought out and executed in unison. We propose different forms of collaboration through which to imagine, conceptualise and develop your brand and products.

Method Proto

The Pro_to® method consists of the development of the combinations that arise from relating the following sections to each other:


We develop and apply strategic analysis to each project, working closely with the company so as to be able to effectively implement creative ideas, which will allow us to promote, increase and sustain the value of brands and their products.
Strategic thinking will allow us to implement the best tactics.


We tell the best story about your company and its products. A story constructed between us that will allow us to spread the proposal more effectively, reducing communication costs and increasing the impact of the message.
The tribe and its unique characteristics are the key elements on which to build the brand narrative.


The message connects us with the market. The relationship between the industry, the creators, the specifiers, the influencers, the point of sale and the final consumer is intimate and closely related.
We enhance these links by connecting the proposal with its audience.


We create and manage brand environments. We revalue your know-how, combining branding and marketing in the same phrase. Our knowledge of the sector allows us to build the most appropriate positioning for each market segment.
We direct all the teams involved in the project, to reaffirm the values of the brand and the concepts strategically inherent in the product.

Product concepts

The product is the ambassador of the brand in the user's home.
We audit your portfolio and processes, to conceptualize design solutions on a business focused basis. We then generate a framework of possible solutions filled with enough emotion that will activate all senses of - the tribe -.